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Renato | Purchaser

As a Purchaser, I am jointly responsible for the procurement and negotiation of materials and goods (including bolts, nuts, aluminium and steel) for the benefit of the factory.

My working day usually starts around 7.30 am. Then it's still nice and quiet and you can do certain tasks in one go. I check my e-mails and try to filter out any emergencies. For instance, when an order is needed earlier than planned. Fortunately, we have a very handy system that indicates which goods need to be ordered. Based on what the system indicates, I request quotations from various suppliers and consult with them to arrive at the best price and delivery time. Once we agree, I place the order.

Once the goods have arrived, I randomly check whether they meet the quality and requirements we set when we placed the order. It also happens that they do not meet the set requirements or have damage due to transport or the like. Then it is up to me to inform the supplier using photos and a report of the findings.

My job is very dynamic and interfaces with many departments within our organisation. One moment, I am in the factory discussing materials/tools that are needed. Next, I sit around the table with the director to see what the state of affairs is. The fun part of my job is being involved in purchasing and thus achieving a good price for the organisation. Think of it as looking at and booking a holiday. The happy/satisfied feeling you experience afterwards!

What I love about this company is that the board/management is not in a glass cage. One is always open for a business conversation or a chat. The best things are of course the drinks parties on Fridays or the outings with colleagues and family. At this company, I feel one with the organisation and therefore a family member. I feel at home!