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Ahmet (Joey) | Head Warehouse

My job as Head of Warehouse at Van der Valk is pretty difficult to describe in one sentence.

First and foremost, I do the order picking for the small materials together with my colleagues. And when the large materials for an order are ready, we check and seal them. Then we’re also closely involved with every lorry that arrives to be loaded or unloaded and are the first and last point of contact for drivers. Stock management is also an important part of my job. That means making sure that the stock is correct and that items can be found in the right amounts and in the right places.

I used to do this on my own, but now there are eight of us. The work has changed a lot. We used to write down everything by hand. Now we use barcodes and a lot of the work is automated. And because we’re growing so much we’re constantly trying to use the space as efficiently and professionally as possible. At the moment, we’re even renting extra spaces.

I’ve been working for Van de Valk for a long time. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and I really feel at home here. I’m always on the move and I can’t imagine having to sit at a desk all day long. Added to that, I get along pretty well with everybody. 'I like the Valk motto about always trying to score ten out of ten. Because that’s my motto too.'

The atmosphere here is great. I like to help new colleagues who still don’t know the ropes. Because the stronger they are, the stronger we are as a team.