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Diana | Manager Marketing & Communications

As Manager Marketing & Communications, I manage the marketing team and my main task is to inspire, inform and convince existing and future customers. Because we’re operating in a new market, this job has changed a lot through the years. We started by focusing on market research and positioning. Then we worked on our image and branding. Making sure that customers know who we are, what we do and what type of product range we have. 

For example, we’re visible online on our own and other websites and on social media and we distribute digital newsletters. But we’re also active offline. We advertise in professional journals and exhibit at a wide range of trade fairs at home and abroad, for which we take care of the design and organization. And we organize training courses and webinars, which are presented by my colleagues in Sales. 

As our customer base has grown, we’ve developed many service documents, such as user guides, data sheets, price lists, etc. so that customers have clear and comprehensive information. Since my team members joined the company, we’ve really progressed in the area of graphics and we now work without an advertising agency. 

Because the numbers of customers and activities are increasing all the time (thankfully!), I also focus a lot on optimizing our work processes. That includes protocols for different activities so that we don’t forget anything. For example, we have scenarios for trade fairs and protocols for following up on newsletters, social media, and training courses, etc.

With the increase in the number of staff at the company, internal communication has also become more and more important and is now one of the Marketing department’s tasks. 

What I really like about my job is that I can research and set up new activities. One of my most recent projects was to develop this website. But I also like creating newsletters. And writing marketing plans. And working with my marketing colleagues to realize creative expressions such as campaigns and advertisements. Or devising fun sample campaigns. In short, it’s hard to say what I like the most!

Another positive point is that I have a great group of colleagues. We work hard and have a serious drive. But there’s also plenty of humour. We go through a lot together, and we feel a bit like we’re brothers and sisters in this family business. 'I think we can be proud of what we’re achieving with each other.'