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Ihab | Team Leader Production

As Team Leader Production, my job is to make sure that everybody in the factory can do his or her work properly. This means that I assign people to the various machines on the basis of the production vouchers. I make sure that the machine is calibrated/converted for the job in question and I sort out any malfunctions, where necessary. I prefer to rotate people as much as possible so that they stay flexible and motivated. I also keep an eye on the delivery dates and carry out inspections. And I just try to be wherever I’m needed.

In this job, I feel responsible for how people develop. It’s important that there’s a good atmosphere and that morale stays high. When you have that, the company runs like a well-oiled machine In the years I’ve been here, the company has gone through enormous growth and I’ve been able to help lots of new colleagues, which I really enjoy.

I started at Van der Valk on my 18th birthday as a general assistant for assembly work. People notice it here when you show initiative and come up with ideas, and that gives you the confidence to keep growing. In the twelve years I’ve been working here, I’ve operated all the machines and supervised a fantastic group of people. 

The great thing about this company is the mentality: everybody can talk to everybody, whatever level you’re on. Nobody is a number here; they’re real people who treat each other with respect.