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René | Production Employee

In my job as a Production Employee I operate a big machine that processes aluminium (and sometimes steel) tubes. Cutting, pinching, bending, punching, reinforcing, applying item codes – this machine does everything. And everything is customized for every project. I make sure that the machine is calibrated properly so that the right product for the right project rolls off the machine. 

On an average workday, I go through my orders using the production vouchers. There’s a weekly schedule, but we also have a daily schedule with urgent orders. I try to schedule them so that the machine is always running optimally. That means that I’m often preparing one order while another order is running. Of course I’m always monitoring what’s being produced. I also often rely on my hearing: if the machine isn’t running properly, I can hear it straight away.

The great thing about my work is the independence I have and the fact that I’m busy all the time. I’m always working is different places. Planning, converting, combining, preparing, checking, improvising. Trying to manage the work so that I make the best use of my time and materials. I also enjoy supervising new employees.

I’ve been working here officially now for 33 years. A lot of new colleagues have joined the company in that time, and everybody is fun to work with. Colleagues are always there for each other and there’s always someone to lend a helping hand whenever necessary. So if they don’t get sick of me, I’d like to stay here until I retire!