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Van der Valk Solar Systems introduces the ValkPro+ L15 & P10

Expansion of ValkPro+

The ValkPro+ system has proven itself on large scale as the best choice for PV-mounting systems for flat roofs. We are therefore pleased to announce that the ValkPro+ system has now been extended with two new options:

  1. ValkPro+ L15
  2. ValkPro+ P10


What are the advantages?


The ValkPro+ systems (L10⁰ Landscape, L15⁰ Landscape and P10⁰ Portrait) are built-up from a minimal number of different parts. This enables standardisation and optimization of logistics and installation methods. The system is fully re-connectable.

Common features

  • System built from minimal number of different parts
  • Installation speed of 4-5 minutes per panel
  • All metal connections (no plastic), which makes earthing and equalization of potential relatively easy
  • Suitable for all common panel sizes including 72-cell panels and panels with larger widths
  • Clamps suitable for panel thickness 28-50mm
  • Can be applied for roof heights up to 25 mtrs standard (higher roofs on request)
  • Low ballast required, in line with the regulations for each country, backed-up by extensive wind tunnel testing.

Bigger irradiation angle

The ValkPro+ L15⁰ system offers the advantage of a larger irradiation angle, in comparison to systems with a tilt angle of 10⁰ for the panels.

Faster installation

For mounting PV-panels in “portrait” orientation, the “ValkFlat” system with A-frames needed to be used. Until now: the ValkPro+ P10 system will be the new standard. The ValkPro+ system can be placed with lower ballast and with less time, thanks to the easier installation of the parts.

More panels on the roof 

In a “South” set-up, the standard pitch of the ValkPro+ P10⁰ is only 2300 mm, in comparison to 2700mm for the “ValkFlat” system. This means that 15% more panels can be placed on the same roof area.


The new ValkPro+ systems are now available for calculations in the ValkPVplanner. In this free online tool, ballast calculations and bill of materials can be generated for your project. The calculations in the ValkPVplanner are all based on the applicable regulations for each country and are backed-up by extensive wind tunnel testing.

Special projects

The “special projects” team at Van der Valk can help you with non-standard calculations for the ValkPro+ systems, that can not be made in the ValkPVplanner. For example: roof heights exceeding 25 mtrs or systems that need to be placed in a specific way. It is also possible for larger projects (>500kWp) to use a non-standard pitch size for “East-West” systems with “landscape” orientation.  Feel free to ask for the possibilities!

Order information

The parts of the new ValkPro+ systems are now available and can be supplied in large numbers.