Training in cooperation with SolarClarity week 16

Friday 19 April - Monster NL

What can you expect?

On this training day, in just half a day you are brought completely up to speed and given the most up-to-date information about the technology and features/possibilities of solar mounting systems. Plus you learn how to calculate complete projects in no time using our software, the ValkPVplanner.

Training content

  • Product training 
    Which systems are the most suitable for which application?
  • Workshop
    How do you quickly and effectively mount a mounting system? What are the grounding options? 
    Various configurations of systems are also displayed and course participants can experience the differences.
  • Guided tour of the factory
    How are the various components made and processed into an end product? This gives course participants an idea of how products are manufactured, mounted, and distributed at Van der Valk Solar Systems.
  • Calculation software
    How do you quickly and easily calculate a complete project with the ValkPVplanner?
  • The course covers the various calculation options and includes an update on the latest features.


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