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ValkCanopy - Solar panels wall mounting

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Unique to this system:

  • Landscape configuration
  • Unique complete do-it-yourself package, including easy-to-understand user guide and table of forces
  • Suitable for homes or offices and business premises as well as entrances to such locations
  • Building beautification
  • Developed according to Eurocode standardization

Unique features of the ValkCanopy

  • Landscape configuration
  • Complete package including clear manual and force table
  • Beautification of the building
  • Also available as a kit

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Customer talking

'With the ramps from Van der Valk Solar Systems, we save time and money and can install solar panels on roofs/spaces. This isn’t possible with other systems. We recently purchased ValkBox3 for a 168-panel system. We couldn’t use any other system because there are so many skylights and ventilation units.'


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