ValkBox Strongline

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Mounting on rafters, roof boards or battens

  • Just two components: box + profile
  • Universal roof hook due to multiple adjustment options
  • Maximum distance roof hooks 1200 mm and overhanging profile past last roof hook 300 mm

Communal features of the ValkBox Slimline, Smartline and Strongline

  • Mounting system for pitched roofs with roof tiles
  • All loose mounting material packed in one box
  • In white, semi-black and black version
  • Profiles of 2113 mm for efficient (vertical) transport or every desired length
  • Portrait mounting. With landscape mounting, additional items can be ordered using the ValkKITSplanner
  • Nine variants for layouts of up to nine panels per row

A sample calculation with the ValkBox Strongline

For a roof on which one row with three panels and one row with five panels can be placed, just the following is required (portrait mounting, Strongline roof hook):
1 x ValkBox – Strongline 3
1 x ValkBox – Strongline 5
2 lengths profile of 3140 mm
2 lengths profile of 5194 mm
For the ValkBox Slimline and Smartline, exactly the same calculation method can be used as for the ValkBox Strongline. However, for the Smartline 14 lengths of construction timber of 730 mm should be added.

With the free ValkKITSplanner, you can easily and quickly make a calculation for the ValkBox pitched roof systems (roof tiles). You then immediately receive a list of items in your inbox so that you can order the materials from your wholesaler straight away. The planner is available in 8 languages (NL/DE/EN/FR/FI/NO/PL/SE). Like to try it yourself?



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Customer talking

'When the space on the roof is limited, a solar ramp can be the perfect solution for nonetheless installing more capacity in a relatively small space. The solar ramps from Van der Valk are the perfect solution!'

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