ValkCableCare Access

Safe cable management for PV systems

The “Access” line contains cable baskets which can be connected with to each other by using “snap-on” coupling plates for straight sections and clamps in curved sections. An important advantage is that the these cable baskets can be placed on the openings of the rubber ValkPro+ rubber tile carriers.

Unique about this system

  • Wide range of cable baskets, lids, dividers and accessories
  • Can be connected quickly and easily using snap-on coupling plates
  • Cable baskets can be placed in the recesses of the rubber tile supports of the ValkPro+ system

Benefits ValkCableCare

  • Safe, reliable systems that are quick and easy to assemble
  • Optimal integration with Van der Valk Solar Systems PV mounting systems
  • One supplier for efficient communication
  • Optimized planning and logistics of the components for the PV installation

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