ValkPro+ L15 South

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Unique to this system:

  • Landscape mounting
  • 15° tilt angle
  • Std. pitch South: 1500 mm
  • Also available in East-West configuration

Communal features of the ValkPro+ L10, L15, P10

  • Mounting speed four to five minutes per panel (East-West or South systems)
  • Metal couplings (not plastic), so pre-prepared for grounding and lightning protection
  • Standard already applicable to 25 m height (higher on request)
  • Minimal number of requisite items
  • Low ballast, supported by the national standards and wind-tunnel tests
  • Also suitable for two-metre and ‘high power’ panels

Foundation methods Flat roof systems

The ValkPro+ L10, the ValkPro+ L15 and the ValkPro+ P10 have different foundation methods. For example, the systems can be mounted using rubber tile carriers, mass blocks, or consoles.

Rubber tile carriers are easy to transport and install due to their low weight and soft structure and they also protect the roof surface.

The advantage of mass blocks is that they can immediately be used as a considerable part of the ballast. In addition, when mass blocks are used the height of the system in increased, which leads to easy mounting, for example, when applied as a field configuration. 

Consoles facilitate fixed mounting on the roof in areas with very high wind load or roofs that cannot bear any weight. This specific implementation guarantees water-proof sealing.

Glass panels

Besides the conventional solar panels with frames, solar panels without frames can also be attached using glass clamps.

Free Software

Using our free software, the ValkPVplanner, a complete project calculation with a list of items and a project-specific installation guide can be obtained in easy steps.

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Customer talking

'The flat roof systems from Van der Valk Solar Systems are easy to mount thanks to the excellent preparatory work. They also save space, so more panels can be installed. The different types of configurations are also a great advantage.'


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