ValkPitched - Insert | Steel

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Unique to this system:

  • Plug-in system
  • Very fast panel mounting
  • Automatically achieves a perfectly aligned system
  • Streamlined appearance
  • Minimum number of profiles required due to optimal alignment

The ValkPitched – Insert can be used for practically every type of roof. With its unique insertion system, solar panels can be installed quickly and snugly, without putting them under tension.

The solar panels are inserted during mounting in special U-profiles that make the use of a panel clamp unnecessary. The system is available in plain, semi-black or completely black versions.

For corrugated roofs, both fibre and steel, hanger bolts can be used in combination with an innovative hanger bolt clamp. This clamp allows the height of the profiles to be simply and quickly adjusted.

Glass panels

Besides the conventional solar panels with a frame, solar panels without a frame can also be attached using glass clamps.

Free Software

Using our free software, the ValkPVplanner, a complete project calculation with a list of items and
project-specific installation guide can be obtained in easy steps.

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Customer talking

'Van der Valk Solar Systems is a reliable partner and offers the very best solutions and customer service. Because of their unique features, it takes much less time to install their systems.'


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