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New model rubber tile carrier: Click - ValkPro+

Our R&D team is working overtime. They are always trying to improve our products so that they can be installed just that little bit faster and easier. And the same applies to the improved rubber tile carrier in the ValkPro+. The improved design with click mounting leads to easy and superfast mounting. And that's not all.

What are the plus points?

Stainless steel clip
The new rubber tile carriers are fitted with a stainless steel clip on the top so that they can easily be clipped into the steel roof carriers.

Cable trough
The recesses in the rubber tile carrier on both sides of the roof carrier have been enlarged so that the cable trough (with maximum outer dimensions of 60x60mm) can be concealed neatly inside.

The new design is completely closed on the bottom, creating a larger surface, and the point load has been reduced.

The new rubber tile carrier has the same outer dimensions as the 'old' version and is fully compatible with the existing ValkPro+ systems. If necessary, the new version can easily be combined with the existing version in a single system.

Order information

The new rubber tile carrier for the ValkPro+ system will be available from 1 October 2018 and can be supplied in large numbers. The new item number has also been added to the ValkPVplanner online calculation tool, which means it will automatically appear in the lists of materials. 

The ‘old version' will also remain temporarily available after 1 October – for example, to supplement our customers’ existing stocks or to supply complete projects with the same tile carrier model.

Like to order now?

Yes, that's possible! The existing and new versions can be ordered under the following item numbers:

Standard roofs
Existing: item number 729625 - Rubber tile carrier ValkPro+ - €4.05 each
New: item number 729622 - Rubber tile carrier - click - ValkPro+ - €4.30 each

PVC roofs
Existing: item number 729624 - Rubber tile carrier ValkPro+ PVC roof - €6.93 each
New: item number 729623 - Rubber tile carrier - click - ValkPro+ PVC - €7.18 each