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Renewed ValkPVplanner coming soon!

We are thrilled to announce that in a few weeks, we will proudly launch the renewed version of the ValkPVplanner. And here's some great news for you - if you are an active user of the current ValkPVplanner, your account will be automatically migrated to this brand-new platform. We want to inform you in advance about the upcoming changes.

Get to know more about the renewed ValkPVplanner

Why this renewed platform?

The renewed platform retains the familiar design capabilities of the current ValkPVplanner but comes with significant improvements:

  • Faster data processing and computing power
  • Improved stability
  • Expanded user management features in the corporate account
  • Quicker loading of project lists
  • Enhanced API integration capabilities

Will my user data be changed?

No worries! On the new platform, you can log in with the same familiar username and password as on the current ValkPVplanner.

What will happen to my saved projects?

All projects currently stored in your account will be seamlessly transferred to the new platform. You can access and modify recent projects (less than 3 months old). Older projects (more than 3 months old) can still be viewed in a "view-only mode".