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Ground mount systems

All versions of the Van der Valk Solar Systems ground mount systems are easy to place on flat open surfaces like an abandoned industrial terrain, field or garden. No anchoring points have to be drilled into the ground, making the systems ideal for a water purification plant, for example.

By focussing on a double use of surfaces for solar panels, our systems can be placed on roofs, parking places and waste dumps. This makes optimal use of the limited space that is available and avoids taking up scarce areas.

The large concrete blocks and/or special concrete foundation blocks provide the necessary ballast, offer stability and raise up the system, making maintenance easier. To prevent weed formation, a root-proof membrane is used.

Foundation methods for ValkPro+

The ValkPro+ solar mounting systems have different foundation methods. The systems can be secured with rubber tile carriers, large concrete blocks or concrete foundation blocks.

Rubber tile carriers are easy to transport and install due to their low weight and soft structure and they also protect the roof surface. Benefit: saves money and can be calculated and implemented as a flat roof arrangement.

Rubber tile carriers + tiles ensure that ground which has not yet been compressed under the pressure point can be smoothed out by the tile. The additional height provided by the tile ensures that rainwater can drain away. 

The advantage of mass blocks is that they can immediately be used as a considerable part of the ballast. In addition, the use of large blocks raises the system up more, which leads to a simple mounting when applied to, for example, a ground mount system.

Concrete foundation blocks provide extra height and concurrently a portion of the ballast.

Foundation method for solar ramps

The solar ramp mounting systems ValkDoubleValkTriple and ValkQuattro must be weighted down with tiles, which must be placed on the designated ballast positions.