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ValkBox - Boltline

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Unique to this PV mounting system:

  • All loose mounting materials packaged in one box
  • Profiles supplied in lengths of 2185 and 1122 mm for efficient transport
  • Configurations of two to five panels
  • Full-black finishing of visible parts possible
  • Panels can be positioned in both portrait and landscape orientation
  • Optimal ease of ordering
  • Maximal ease of logistics, optimisation of stock
  • Maximal ease of mounting, premounted parts
  • Minimal cost due to efficient transport

A sample calculation with the ValkBox - Boltline
For a roof that can hold one row of three panels and one row of five panels, only the following is required:

  • 1 x ValkBox – Boltline 3
  • 1 x ValkBox – Boltline 5
  • 3 lengths of profile of 2185 mm
  • 2 lengths of profile of 1122 mm

With our free to use software, the ValkPVplanner, a complete project calculation with a list of items and a project-specific installation guide can be obtained in several easy steps.

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Customer talking

'We chose the mounting systems from Van der Valk because we were attracted to the high quality, easy installation, and excellent customer service. We’ve been able to work together on fantastic commercial projects.'

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