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Want to stop birds nesting under your solar panels? The perfect solution is available from Van der Valk Solar Systems: the BirdBlocker! This effective product is easy to install on practically every type of PV-panel with a Valk base profile and deters birds from nesting there.

Manual H=125mm and H=200mm


Why protect your solar panels from birds?

The output from the panels decreases when the natural ventilation beneath the panels is restricted by twigs and other nest material. The hotter the panels get, the lower the efficiency. There is even an increased risk of fire. There can also be noise pollution from birds living between the roof and the solar panels. The twigs they bring with them may scratch the back sheet of the panel, resulting in earth leakage errors.

After mounting BirdBlocker, it is practically guaranteed that birds will not be able to get under the PV-panels. The strips can be easily mounted on framed PV-panels, thanks to the specially developed stainless steel clamp brackets. Screws or glue should not be used, as the warranty of your PV-panels can be compromised.

The BirdBlocker system works best when it is incorporated as the panels are being mounted. If birds have already had time to nest under your panels, they will be persistent in trying to return to their nesting site.

With existing PV-installations it is recommended not to mount BirdBlocker during the breeding season (mid-April to mid-July). It can even be an offence punishable by law to remove nests during this season. 

Protect your solar installation with BirdBlocker

Benefits of BirdBlocker:

  • UV-resistant
  • Does not become brittle at low temperatures
  • 100% recyclable
  • Robust and durable
  • No need to screw or drill in panels
  • Easy to install
  • 10-year product warranty
  • BirdBlocker H=125mm combines perfectly with ValkPitched systems
  • BirdBlocker H=200mm is suitable for ValkPitched “cross-rail” systems

Technical specifications:

BirdBlocker H=125mm
Length: 0.5 m per section
Bridgeable height: 120mm
Colour: Black
Material: Recyclable HDPE
Clips: Stainless steel
Box contents: 30m + 250 clips

BirdBlocker H=200mm
Length: 0.5 m per section
Bridgeable height: 195mm
Colour: Black
Material: Recyclable HDPE
Clips: Stainless steel
Box contents: 30m + 250 clips