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Equipotential bonding

IEC 60364 prescribes that all conductive parts in a PV mounting system must be bonded. One of the reasons is that no differences in potential can exist between the metal parts. This prevents an electric shock when the metal parts are touched simultaneously by a person.

Another important advantage of equipotential bonding of the PV system is that any leakage of current (for example as a result of damage to a DC cable) can be detected more quickly, because an inverter can switch off automatically when this happens.

The advantage of the mounting systems of Van der Valk Solar Systems is that they mainly consist of metal construction parts and screw or click connections. This automatically creates a conductive connection between the conductive parts.

Thanks to special "equipotential bonding plates" in our panel clamps, the frames of the solar panels are also connected to rest of the system as soon as the clamps are properly tightened.

Equipotential bonding of cable baskets

A multifunctional equipotential bonding clamp (762803) is available for connecting the cable baskets to the PV mounting system. The clamp complies with standard EN 62561-1.

Ss. Clamp for equipotential bonding

  • Material: SS 4VA / AISI 316
  • Suitable for wire diameters: Rd 3-5mm / Rd 8-10mm
  • Dimensions: 39 x 32 x 31 mm

    Article number: 762803

Options for installation