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ValkPitched - Boltline | Fixed roof tile

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Unique to this PV mounting system:

  • Clamp system
  • Universal mid-clamps and endclamps (H28 – 50mm)
  • Easy to adjust vertically and horizontally due to its innovative L-adapter
  • Landscape and portrait mounting possible
  • Universal L-adapter for M10 and M12 hanger bolts/cable ends

The ValkPitched – Boltline can be used on all types of roof. With its innovative and strong clamp connection, a fast and reliable mounting is ensured. All Side++ profiles with their adjustable, universal panel clamps are provided in both natural and semi-black versions. They are extremely strong and long so they can bridge long gaps and can be used directly for mounting extra wide, high-power panels.

Glass panels

Besides the conventional solar panels with a frame, solar panels without a frame can also be attached using glass clamps.

Free software

Using our free to use software, the ValkPVplanner, a complete project calculation with a list of items and project-specific installation guide can be obtained in easy steps.

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Customer talking

'Van der Valk Solar Systems is a great company to work with when you have questions or problems that need solving. Their service orientation is excellent, especially when it involves large projects and non-standard specifications. And they always help you really quickly if you have any questions.'

Rexel Nederland B.V.

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