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Cable and connector clamps

The clamps shown below allow the electrical wiring to be attached securely and easily to the PV system.

Plastic cable entry roof tiles

  • Protects cables from sharp edges of roof tiles
  • Made of durable, UV-resistant plastic
  • Provides space for two Ø6 mm or Ø4 mm cables and one Ø4mm cable
  • Quick and easy installation with integrated hook

    Article number: 739063

Plastic cable clamp back foot

  • Tie-wraps are history!
  • Possible to incorporate 6 cables
  • Fixing to rear foot
  • Tidy finish due to notch in backing plate
  • + and – easily distinguished

    Article number: 732011

Plastic multi-cable and connector clip

  • For ValkPro+ roof carrier
  • Tie-wraps are history!
  • Little risk of damage to cables
  • Applicable to every desired position of the roof carrier
  • + and – easily distinguished
  • Solution for: 2x MC4- or comparable connectors, 1 x Ø12mm DC/AC cable and 12 x Ø6 mm cable

    Article number: 732012


SS cable clamp

  • Easily hiding of 1 cable
  • Can be applied to any system
  • Easy to click behind panel frame

    Article number: 732001

SS connector clamp

  • Can be clamped both parallel and transverse
  • Suitable for all standard MC connectors and frame thicknesses
  • Easy to click behind panel frame

    Article number: 738201

Installation video plastic cable clamp back foot

Installation video plastic multi-cable and connector clip

Installation video ValkCableCare on pitched roofs