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Support block

The ValkCableCare support block is a massive support block from pressed rubber granulate, in which three assembly sleeves are provided. The high density of the material ensures sufficient weight per support block and also has the advantage of being able to absorb vibrations and vibrations in the cable baskets as a result of the wind.

Support block

  • Cable baskets must be supported at least every 1500mm
  • Possible to place several cable baskets on 1 support block
  • Weight 1kg per block
  • Compatible with bitumen and PVC roofs due to aluminium coating
  • Standard incl. 2 mounting clips

    Article number: 760208

Ss mounting clip support block

  • Pressed in the assembly sleeve to secure the basket
  • Fixes itself with barbs
  • Available separately in multiples of 100 pieces

    Article number: 760209

Installation video support block