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Solar panel mounting systems now even more sustainable

Van der Valk Solar Systems, a leading developer and manufacturer of solar mounting systems, proudly announces the utilization of steel with XCarb™ certificates from ArcelorMittal. Starting from early 2024, Van der Valk Solar Systems will incorporate this steel into the production of mounting systems for solar panels, aiming to reduce Scope 3 CO2 emissions and promote sustainability within the industry.

Why sustainable steel?

In order to reduce global CO2 emissions as per the recently set targets in Dubai, the steel industry will need to make a significant contribution. The steel industry has a major impact on the environment. Van der Valk Solar Systems aims to contribute to this cause by utilizing XCarb™ from ArcelorMittal.

Paul van der Meer, Environmental Manager at Van der Valk Solar Systems, explains the choice for more sustainable steel: "As a company in the sustainable energy sector, it is our commitment to promote sustainability throughout the entire chain. Our chain partner and their steel supplier, KS Service Center, is at the forefront of developments in sustainable steel. We also strive to be a leader in sustainability in our sector. XCarb™ from ArcelorMittal is the future, and therefore, we are introducing solar panel mounting systems with minimal CO2 footprint to the market."

Minimal CO2 emissions across the entire chain

XCarb™ steel comes with certificates that document a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions during the production process. The steel producer is obligated to offset the specified amount of CO2 on the certificates by investing in innovative and cleaner technologies. Verified by the independent certification body DNV GL, these sustainable efforts are measured and contribute to significant savings in Van der Valk Solar Systems' Scope 3 emissions. These are all indirect emissions from sources that an organization does not directly control, including emissions from purchased goods.

Future plans

Van der Valk Solar Systems embarks on this sustainable journey by implementing XCarb™ steel in their ballast and roof carriers. The goal is to progressively expand the number of articles made from more sustainable steel in 2024. Additionally, Van der Valk Solar Systems collaborates with chain partner KS Service Center and their steel supplier to promote sustainability throughout the entire chain cooperation.