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Product launch: EPDM rubber shim

Mounting profiles on a pitched with steel roof tile plates covering can be challenging. Due to the overlapping tile plates, the pitch of the plates is slightly off compared to the roof pitch itself. This means a direct mounting of the profiles to the plates will create an issue with the levelling of the profiles.

The new “EPDM rubber shim” (739005) now offers a perfect and simple solution! By placing the rubber shims between the horizontal placed profile and the roof tile plates in the position of the fasteners, the angle of the profile is adjusted to match the roof pitch angle.


The EPDM rubber shims with pre-drilled holes of 6 mm diameter are placed behind the aluminium profile in the position of the mounting holes. The standard option to fasten the profile to the steel tile plates is by using aluminium rivets (779223).

Availability and ValkPVplanner:

Orders for the new EPDM rubber shims (739005) can be placed as per today. The shims will be added later to the ValkPVplanner

For more information you can contact our sales team via [email protected] or +31 (0)174 25 49 99.