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New in our product range

We have a new product for the mounting of ValkPitched systems on corrugated roofs: mounting bracket for corrugated roofs.

ValkPitched mounting bracket 

The installation of the ValkPitched systems on corrugated roofs is traditionally done with hanger bolts, but will now also be possible using mounting brackets that are designed to be placed directly onto the wave of the corrugated roof plates. The advantage of this new mounting method is that the same fixation points can be used, that are already in place to fix the roof plates.

The mounting bracket consists of a flexible rubber part and aluminium part. The rubber part fits perfectly on the convex shape of the wave and provides a watertight seal. Thanks to the flexibility and thickness of the rubber part, slight unevenness in the roof is absorbed. On top of the rubber part is an aluminium bracket with a special rounded underside, which ensures a strong and reliable connection with the roof screw. The aluminium bracket comes with a pre-assembled hammerhead bolt and nut, that enables a fast and easy connection to the Side++ profiles of the ValkPitched system.

In case the mounting bracket can not be fixed directly with the existing roof screws, there is the possibility to exchange these with slightly ‘oversized’ screws for corrugated roofs, with a diameter of 7mm (part 774390).


The mounting bracket can be applied on new and existing corrugated roofs. The mounting bracket combines perfectly with the ValkPitched Clamp mounting systems.