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New in our product range

We developed a new solution for the support of cable baskets: the ValkCableCare support block

ValkCableCare support block for cable baskets
In the last months we have worked hard to develop a new type of support block, on which one or more cable baskets can be mounted in a fast and reliable way. The result is a solid block made from pressed rubber granulate, in which three mounting inserts are placed. The high density of the material results in sufficient weight per block and at the same time absorbs vibrations from the cable baskets as a result of the wind.

The width of the support block offers both good sideways stability and enough room to support a cable tray up to 350mm width or, for example, two cable trays of 150 mm width next to each other on a single block (see image below). For cable baskets wider than 400mm we recommend placing the support blocks in a staggered pattern.

The support blocks have an aluminium layer on the underside, which make the blocks suitable for bitumen and PVC roof membranes.

Stainless steel mounting clips

Ease-of-installation and speed have been a key target for the development of the special stainless steel mounting clips. The clips can be pressed from the top over the cross wires of the cable baskets, into one of the three inserts. The clip secures itself by barbs that press against the inner thread of the inserts.

Per support block there will be two mounting clips included as standard. Additional mounting clips can also be ordered separately per 100 pcs.


The ValkCableCare support block can be applied in combination with all ValkCableCare cable trays.