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Product update: simplification of ValkPitched Insert range

We are continuously optimising our product range. As a result the range of ValkPitched aluminum insert profiles will be simplified by phasing out a number of profile variations and adding profiles for a 30 mm frame thickness.

Insert profiles for frame sizes 30 and 35 mm the new standard

The market share of panels with frame thicknesses of 30 and 35 mm is increasing. We have adapted our range of insert profiles by adding a 30mm profile variant in aluminum and black colour has been added to the range.

Since the demand for 40 mm profile variants has rapidly decreased in recent months, these profiles will be available on request only and with a minimum order quantity of 70 pieces.

“Upper + Middle + Lower” becomes “Middle + Middle + Lower”

The current ValkPitched insert system uses three different profile types: namely an “upper profile” used for the top row of panels the system, a “middle profile” that is placed between the panel rows and a “lower profile” for the bottom row of the system.

In practice, however, we see that for logistical reasons installers choose to apply the “middle profile” not only between the rows, but also at the top and sometimes even the bottom of the system. This is technically also perfectly possible, but perhaps a little less aesthetically.

In order to reduce the number of profiles variants, we have decided to only carry the "middle profile" and "lower profile" from now on. The lower profile can be used for the underside of the system that is visible from the ground.

Availability and deliveries

The middle and lower insert profiles, with heights of 30 and 35 millimeters, are available from stock. The upper insert profiles are still available while stocks last.Projects with the new profile lengths can already be calculated in the ValkPVplanner.