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Product update: the new standard solution for ground mount + phasing out ValkField

We regularly adjust our product range to make it easier for wholesalers, but especially for installers. Today we make a big announcement: the ValkPro+ system will become the new standard for ground installations.

Phasing out ValkField

The high field systems anchored in the ground, ValkField Single Row and Double Row, are being phased out for these reasons. The focus will be on the ValkPro+ ground set-up, with which dozens of projects have already been completed. ValkField is available until October 1st, 2021.

Double use

We focus on double use of surfaces for solar panels. That is why we develop systems for roofs, parking lots, water basins and landfills that make optimum use of the limited space available and avoid scarce areas. In addition, the landscape integration is important, whereby the characteristic properties of an area are preserved.

Advantages of ValkPro+ as a ground mount:

  • Easy to install (no heavy machinery required)
  • Drilling or digging into the ground is a thing of the past
  • Ballast by means of concrete foundation feet
  • Can later be placed on a roof and vice versa!

Watch the installation video here

Solar ramps

Alternatively, you can opt for our solar ramps, the ValkDouble, ValkTriple and ValkQuattro. These systems are also extremely suitable as a ground mount system.


Soon, projects with the ValkPro+ as a ground mount can be calculated with the ValkPVplanner.