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Danny | Project Manager

As a project manager in the Solar industry, it's all about teamwork. Together with my team of technical experts, we work to realise large solar power projects on rooftops for our customers. From preparing quotes to guiding materials to the project site, every day is a challenge.

But my work is not only technical. As a commercial contact, I am also responsible for building good relationships with our customers. This means I regularly visit them to understand their needs and requirements and advise them on the best solutions for their specific situation.

One of the best things about my job is visiting the large-scale solar projects I have worked on. It looks great when everything goes according to plan and the solar project is commissioned. It gives me great satisfaction to know that we are contributing to the green transition and working with our customers to help make the world a lot more sustainable.

In short, my work as a project manager at Van der Valk Solar Systems is varied, challenging and rewarding. I am proud to be part of such a dynamic and growing team and cannot wait to realise the next big solar projects together with our customers.