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Léon | Account Manager New Business

My name is Léon, Account Manager New Business. I am the point of contact for wholesalers and installers working with our materials. It is a job with a lot of diversity. For instance, I alternate between making project calculations, giving product training sessions and holding contract meetings with accounts. But above all, I make sure that the right order is delivered to the right person at the right location at the right time.

The story of Léon

Working days are very dynamic, no two days are the same! First I check orders, handle them and make sure the warehouse receives the orders. Then I make a daily schedule for, for example, answering e-mails and calculating projects. I keep in constant contact with my accounts to know what is happening in the market and with the customer.

One fun project I worked on was a stunning new-build project in the centre of Utrecht, where four luxury flat blocks were fitted with around 1,000 solar panels.

Since I started in 2016, my work has been on the move. The solar industry is exploding, both nationally and internationally. That means longer peak periods. Partly because of this, we are working a lot on automation. For instance, using our online ValkPVplanner, customers can make a calculation within a few minutes, after which they know exactly which materials to order and how much ballast to place. Previously, this was done manually.

What I like about my work is the diversity and the idea that you are contributing to making the future sustainable for current and future generations. I also like the contact with customers: discovering who they are, what they do and how I can ensure that they are extremely satisfied and will buy more.

The great thing about our company is that we all have the drive to keep innovating and making products even better. The working atmosphere is unique, partly because we have a very close-knit team that goes full steam ahead, with a healthy dose of humour. The traditional Friday afternoon drinks are also a nice touch.