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Vincent | R&D Manager

My name is Vincent, Research & Development Manager at Van der Valk Solar Systems. I am in charge of the R&D team and deal with the product development of Van der Valk Solar Systems.

The story of Vincent

The working days are very varied due to the versatility of the position. The various activities include work distribution within the team, research, generating solutions, sketching and 3D drawing, making demos, testing, reporting, contact with customers and suppliers and creating article numbers. In short, no day is the same!

Over the years, there have been changes in our work. The programmes and machines you work with are evolving and Van der Valk Solar Systems is growing. Where we used to manufacture demos by hand, we now use the latest 3D printers, for example.

We recently worked on the further development of the ValkPro+ system. With the existing system, solar panels can be installed landscape under 10° on a flat roof. The market asked whether the ValkPro+ system could also be installed in 10° portrait and 15° landscape. To this end, new ValkPro+ feet were developed and wind tunnel tests were carried out to calculate the ballast to be applied.

The R&D team is constantly improving current solutions and developing new products and systems. Coming up with a solution and turning it into a marketable product is what I enjoy most about my job.