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New: black click-on plastic covers

We are pleased to announce a new product in our portfolio: “Black click-on plastic covers for panel clamp”.

Black click-on plastic covers for panel clamp

For PV-mounting system in which full-black panels are used, it is aesthetically nicer when the panel clamps are also in black colour and blend in with the rest of the visible parts of the system. For most of our systems this was already possible by applying the black anodized clamps, but now the new black ‘click-on’ covers can be added to the standard aluminium coloured panel clamps for the finishing touch. The covers can be easily clicked over the clamps, after the clamps have been installed and tightened.


The click-on covers can be applied on new and existing Clamp systems, like ValkPro+, ValkDouble, ValkTriple, ValkQuattro and ValkPitched Clamp systems.