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Tips & new features

...read this carefully for a good user experience!

A new version of the ValkPVplanner was launched on Wednesday. You will first need to empty your PC’s cache memory. Below, you can find out how to do that. We are also working on a solution for which you no longer need to empty your cache memory before uploading a new version.

Before you start, take note of the following:

Before you start, it is important to empty your browser’s cache memory using a 'hard refresh'. Take the following steps:

  • Google Chrome on a Windows computer:
    Press F12. Open the 'dev Tool'
    Ignore the window that opens on the right
    Click with the right-hand mouse button on the ‘Refresh’ button.
    In the menu now displayed, choose ‘Delete cache and forced reload’.

  • Mozilla or Firefox on a Windows computer:
    Hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys and then press R.

  • Microsoft Edge on a Windows computer:
    Hold down the Ctrl key and press the F5 key.

  • Mozilla, Firefox, or Chrome on a Mac computer:
    Hold down CMD and Shift and then press R.

High buildings

...notification high buildings in the surroundings of the project.

From now on, the planner will ask whether there are any high buildings in the immediate surroundings of the project.
If this is the case, the planner will issue a warning, both on the start screen and on the calculation report.

Why is this?
This is because the presence of high buildings can have an impact on the requisite roof mounting system and the ballast. This is the rule of thumb when the surrounding buildings are twice the height of your project building. The length of the building and the distance to the project also have an impact. The planner provides information about this when you click ?.

Google Street View

...split screen for ease of use.

From now on, while you are calculating you can split your screen using the arrow at the bottom right of the screen. On the right, your building is then displayed in Google Street View.


Would you prefer some extra support when using the ValkPVplanner? We give webinars every Thursday,, in uneven weeks in Dutch and in even weeks in English. The next webinars will take place on:

Thursday 26 April - 9 a.m. (NL)
Thursday 17 May - 9 a.m. (EN)

You can use the buttons below in this newsletter to register. You will receive an invitation email from us with a ‘Participate’ button. Click on this button before the webinar starts. This document contains more information about how that works. Read this carefully well in advance.

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