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Our Brexit Statement

Dear customer,

In the past few months we have been closely following the news in relation to the UK’s intention to leave the EU on the 31st of January 2020. As we approach the deadline, there is still uncertainty about what will happen afterwards and what it will mean for cross-border EU-UK commerce and our business in general.

In particular, it is unclear if there will be a transitional period, during which time there will be minimal change while the EU and UK carry on negotiating, or, alternatively, the so-called ‘No Deal’ scenario. If it is the latter, trade between the UK and EU would then become subject to tariffs and new regulatory requirements.

In that event, it is expected there will be import tariffs applicable to products supplied by Van der Valk Solar Systems up to 6.5%. We kindly ask our distribution partners in the UK to build up stock before Brexit, so that the supply of our products to the installers will have little or no disruption.

It goes without saying that we hope a political agreement on Brexit will emerge before the 31st of January but we will be prepared for any potential disruption. Our priority will always be supporting our UK customers to the highest of standards.

Thank you for your continued custom. 

Do you want more information? Please contact us at sales@valksolarsystems.co.uk or +44 (0)1304 897658.