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New in our product range

Our product range of the ValkPro+ system for flat roofs is expanded with extra-long back plates and mass carriers. This enables ValkPro+ configurations with the largest PV panel sizes. In addition to this, the design of the mounting slots in the back plates will be changed to increase adjustability of the system.

ValkPro+ is now suitable for panel lengths up to 2320 mm

The dimensions of the latest generation of PV-panels brings new challenges for the mounting materials. Previously the ValkPro+ system was suitable to mount PV-panels up to a maximum length of 2120 mm for landscape orientation. With the addition of a new length for the back plate and mass carrier, it is now possible to install panels with a maximum length of 2320 mm.

Improvement for mounting slots in back plates

In order to increase the adjustability of the back plates, the design of the mounting slots in the back plates will be changed. Instead of one slot of 100 mm on both sides of the plate, there will now be three slots of 60 mm. With the increased adjustability, the back plates can always be mounted flush with the sides of the system, independent of the PV-panel size and configuration.


The extra-long back and side plates combine perfectly with the other components of the ValkPro+ system, in any configuration.