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Product launch: Aluminum Panel Support ValkPro+

As solar panels are getting bigger, we are continuously adapting our range to this. That is why we have added a new product for “extra” support for solar panels on flat roofs: the aluminum panel support for the ValkPro+ system.

Extra Panel Support ValkPro+ L10

For applications in areas with a high snow load or when very large panels are used, there is the option of equipping the mounting system with special parts to provide additional support for the PV panel. This extra support consists of a special front and rear foot, which can be clamped to the panel frame in the middle of the long side.

The aluminum panel support consists of a plastic and aluminum part. The plastic part consists of recycled rubber. An aluminum foot bracket is placed on top of the plastic part, which ensures a strong and solid connection to the solar panel.


The aluminum panel support is suitable for use on existing and new flat roofs. The aluminum panel support combines perfectly with the ValkPro+ landscape (L10) South and East-West system.


Projects with the Aluminum Panel Support ValkPro+ can be calculated from now on with the ValkPVplanner.