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Product launch: Drainage clip

New to our product range is the drainage clip. We are always looking for ways to get the most out of solar energy. That is why we have added the drainage clip to our range, a clever solution that ensures water and dirt are effectively removed from the edge and corners of the solar panel. 

During precipitation, it is common for water and dirt to be left behind on solar panels, in both ground and flat roof systems. This negatively affects the efficiency of the entire PV system. However with the drainage clip, that problem is a thing of the past. The drainage clip works most efficiently when two drainage clips are placed on the panel.

The benefits of our drainage clip:

  • It improves the efficiency of the PV system because there is no dirt blocking sunlight. This means more energy can be generated with it, thus saving costs in the long run.  
  • It reduces the frequency with which solar panels need to be cleaned, which is again cost-saving.  
  • Installation of the drainage clip is simple and can be done quickly.

The drainage clip is made of UV-resistant plastic and can withstand the temperature fluctuations that can occur on a roof. The clip is compatible for both existing and new mounting systems and is most effective in situations where the PV panel inclination angle is between 10° and 20° degrees. The drainage clip is available in two different sizes: 25-30 mm and 30-36 mm.

Curious how the drainage clip works? Watch the video below!

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