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Product launch: Ss. equipotential bonding clip for ValkPitched - Insert

The ValkPitched - Insert system can be used for practically every type of pitched roof. This unique insert system allows solar panels to be installed quickly, neat, and disconnected from the power source.

During mounting, the solar panels are inserted in special U-profiles, making the use of a panel clamp unnecessary. The system is available in plain aluminum or black finish.

Unique aspects of this PV mounting system:

  • Insert system
  • Very rapid panel mounting
  • A perfectly aligned system automatically
  • Neat appearance
  • Least number of profiles needed due to optimal alignment
  • Suitable for "large" panels

New! Ss. equipotential bonding clip for ValkPitched - Insert systems

In PV-installations, the bonding of all metal parts is essential. Extra attention is required with insert systems because the panel frame does not make conductive contact with the insert profile.

By affixing the special stainless steel bonding clip, this can now be arranged quickly and easily for any type of solar panel!

The Ss. equipotential bonding clips ensure that an electrically conductive contact is always established when the clip is secured correctly between the insert profile and the panel frame. The anodised layer of the panel frame is pierced by its sharp points to make contact.


The Ss. equipotential bonding clips can be used in both new and existing ValkPitched - Insert mounting systems.

Availability and deliveries

Orders for the Ss. equipotential bonding clips for insert systems (732023 and 732023ZW) can be placed from today.