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The ValkPitched trapezoidal profiles will be simplified

We are continuously optimising our product range. For this reason we will reduce the number of profile length variations for ValkPitched Trapezoidal. In order to be able to cover the same CTC distances between the crowns, the range for each remaining profile will be expanded. This allows us to remove three “intermediate profile lengths” from the product range.

Adjusted hole pattern

By adding two extra holes, the range per profile has been expanded. Download the datasheet via the link below for additional information.

Wider range trapezoidal profiles

With this adjustment, the following profiles will be removed from the assortment:

  • 7269240 Alu. Trapezium profile L=240 + EPDM
  • 7269320 Alu. Trapezium profile L=320 + EPDM
  • 7269400 Alu. Trapezium profile L=400 + EPDM 


The reduced number of profile length variations brings the following benefits:

  • Easier installation thanks to wider application area
  • Less stock keeping units
  • Smaller assortment, making ordering easier
  • Less risk of mistakes during order picking


The profiles with the adjusted range combine perfectly with the other parts of the ValkPitched trapezoidal system, in every desired configuration.

Availability and deliveries

The profiles will be phased out when current stock has emptied. After this we will gradually deliver the profiles with the new range. At the same time the phased-out articles will be removed from our online calculation tool, the ValkPVplanner.