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Product update: ValkBox3 now suitable for a solar panel with a width of up to 1150 mm

As a developer and producer of solar mounting systems, we strive to make our products as responsive as possible to market needs and changes. For this reason, the ValkBox3 system, the popular ready-to-use kit for a single solar panel, has now been adapted to handle the latest generations of solar panels as well.

ValkBox3 now suitable for wider panels

The new version of the ValkBox3 is suitable for solar panels with the dimensions below:

Length: 1650 – 2280mm
Width: 926 – 1150mm
Frame height: 28 – 50mm

Please note that the ballast required under the system depends on the size of the solar module. A table in the manual shows the ballast required per country and wind area.

Recognisability of the new version

In the foreseeable future, we will switch to a new box design. Until then, the current boxes will feature a clearly visible green sticker on the outside (see image), indicating the new dimensions. Also present on the sticker is a QR code, directing the user to a landing page where the new manual can be viewed and/or downloaded.

Availability & stock

The modified version of ValkBox3 will be available from week 19. The item number and price remain unchanged.