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Did you know these facts?

Last month the ValkPro+ L15 was introduced for the Landscape-orientation of the panels with a 15 degrees angle of inclination. Read the unique advantages of the ValkPro+ L15 below.

Unique to this system:

  • Mounting is faster than ever (5 min per panel)
  • Metal connectors, no plastic (grounding secured)
  • Also applicable to high roofs (standard 25m)
  • Low ballast due to coupled rows (wind tunnel tested)
  • Ballast included (optional)
  • Special elevated blocks for gravel roofs
  • Prepared for the integration of cable baskets
  • Applicable to 2m solar panels
  • Universal mid- and end-panel clamps pre-assembled

For more information, you can download the datasheet below or contact our sales team via sales@valksolarsystems or +31 (0)174 25 49 99.