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Update ValkPVplanner version 2.8 May 2019

New features & improvements

...to improve your user experience even more.

Van der Valk Solar Systems is continuously improving the ValkPVplanner, to ensure our customers benefit from new features and have the best customer experience.

We are pleased to announce the new update: Version 2.8, May 2019

What is new?

  • The new ValkPro+ systems for L15 and P10 have been added to the ValkPVplanner and can now be calculated according to the applicable building regulations. The new ValkPro+ systems replace the former ValkFlat systems, that now have been removed from the planner. 

  • The split-screen option is now disabled by default and can be activated manually, in case changes are to be made to the sub-area.

  • The project report can now be downloaded separately in every other available language, without the need to adjust the language settings of the user.