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Update ValkPVplanner with new options!

New options and improvements to improve your experience with the ValkPVplanner even more.

Van der Valk Solar Systems is constantly making improvements to the ValkPVplanner so that we can offer our customers even more options and optimize their customer experience.

We are delighted to announce the new update: Version 2.6, January 2019. Read more below.

What’s new?

  • Users can now share projects with other users in their company by checking the 'Shared in company' box.
  • Users can now also share a copy of a project with other ValkPVplanner users by selecting "Share project" and filling in the name of the other user.
  • Ballast drawings can now be downloaded separately in a PDF, suitable for A4 or A1 format. For projects with large numbers of panels, printing/plotting in A1 format offers an advantage in terms of readability.
  • Users can search by address in the overview list of projects.