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The ValkBoxplanner has been expanded and is now called ValkKITSplanner!

Thanks to this expansion, you can now not only easily and quickly make a calculation for our kits for pitched roofs, you can also do the same for our kits for flat roofs (Solar ramps and ValkBox), façades and open fields!

More languages

In addition, the ValkKITSplanner is available in 8 languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Polish.

More standards

The systems calculations are based on the applicable standards in the country in which the system will be installed. The standards for the following nine countries are included in the tool: The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Poland!

What is possible/not possible?

Can I order several different sets for each kit in a single order?
Yes, you can do this with the ‘Extra set’ option

Can I also use the tool on my smartphone?
Yes, the tool works online on desktops, tablets and smartphones

What does it cost to use the ValkKITSplanner?
It costs nothing! We offer this tool to our users as an extra service 

How can I calculate bigger custom-designed projects?
You can do that with our other tool, the ValkPVplanner.

Like to see how it works? Click the button below or watch the demo: 


Demo ValkKITSplanner