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ValkPro+ is suitable for integration with lightning protection systems

The ValkPro+ system has been tested by DEHN and complies with the strict lightning test criteria of IEC 62561-1.

This guarantees that the mounting system, if correctly hooked up with certified earth terminals, is expected to withstand partial lightning currents on the basis of LPL III (100 kA).

The benefits:

  • Possibility to integrate the ValkPro+ mounting system in the external lightning protection system
  • Simple and reliable mounting of certified earth terminals on ValkPro+ roof rails
  • Efficient use of roof surface area and materials

Important note!

The integration of the ValkPro+ system in the existing external lightning protection system and thus also the number of connections to the external lightning protection system must always be conducted by a lightning protection specialist.

More information:

For more information about our mounting systems, please contact Van der Valk Solar Systems or contact DEHN for questions about lightning and surge protection.