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ValkPVplanner update: V2.10 - August 2019

We're continually improving the PV-planner, to ensure our customers benefit from new features and have the best customer experience.

New features and improvements:

  • A new method for saving projects on the ValkPVplanner database has been implemented in the background.  As a result the stability and speed of the ValkPVplanner is improved and projects can now accommodate a significantly larger number of panels and/or keep-out areas.

  • A new drawing method for modules in the “sub-area window” has been implemented. Thanks to this new drawing method the speed of the ValkPVplanner when adding/removing modules in the sub-area window has been significantly improved.

  • Several performance improvements have been made in the background to increase the speed and stability of the ValkPVplanner. This is an ongoing process and for the next update more improvements will be implemented.