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ValkPVplanner update: V2.13 February 2020

We're continually improving the PV-planner, to ensure our customers benefit from new features and have the best customer experience. We have updated the ValkPVplanner to version 2.13. In this update the following features have been added and issues have been addressed:

Design your building fast and easy using “template shapes”

Designing your building in “White Map” has now become much faster and easier, by using the option of building templates. In this new feature, you can select a standard building shape, like “rectangle”, “L-shape”, C—shape” and “O-shape”. The dimensions of the building can then be easily adjusted per side. 

For other building shapes, the option”step-by-step” can be used, in which the exact lengths and angles for the corners can be manually filled in. 

Adjust the inclination angle of your pitched roof per roof side

For pitched roofs there is now the possibility to select more roof types and adjust the inclination angle for each roof side individually. In this way the roof can be designed fast and more accurately.


In case v2.13 is not functioning properly, this can be due to old cache memory in your web browser. This can be easily solved by doing a "browser refresh", pressing CTRL+SHIFT+R.


We will be hosting a new series of webinars, in which the new functionalities of the ValkPVplanner will be demonstrated. Keep an eye on our events calendar for new webinars!