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ValkPVplanner update: V2.14 -April 2020

We're continually improving the PV-planner, to ensure our customers benefit from new features and have the best customer experience. We have updated the ValkPVplanner to version 2.14. In this update the following features have been added and issues have been addressed:

Calculate projects for Spain and Portugal

The calculations for Spain and Portugal have been added. This makes it possible to calculate projects for these countries according to the local Eurocode regulations and environmental conditions. The wind and snow zone will be automatically downloaded in case you enter the address in the search box. Also without an address you can make the calculations, but you need to enter the environmental values manually. 

"Invalid system" warning: information added about limits exceeded

In situations where a project can not be calculated, since there is an invalid system, there will now be a warning message that also indicates the limit that has been exceed and what the maximum value can be. For example: in case the distance between the rafters for a pitched roof system is too big, the message will show what the maximum allowed distance is. 

ValkPitched “Strongline Heavy Duty” roof hook set as default hook for Scandinavia

For pitched tiled roof applications calculated for Scandinavia, the default roof hook selected will be “Strongline Heavy Duty”. This new roof hook has been specifically designed for regions with high snow and/or wind loads. 

ValkPitched Standing Seam Clamp now set as default clamp for single folded standing seam roofs

For projects calculated for single-folded standing seam roofs, the ValkPitched standing seam clamps (727800 / 727801) are now included in the BOM by default. The single folded seam must have maximum dimensions of 14x14 mm. In case a roof type from the drop-down list is selected that is different, the s-5! clamps are selected for the BOM. 


We will be hosting a new series of webinars, in which the new functionalities of the ValkPVplanner will be demonstrated. Take a look at our webinar calendar.