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Van der Valk Solar Systems and Eyecatcher BV are joining hands!

Van der Valk Solar Systems and Eyecatcher BV have decided to enter into a strategic partnership to bundle the knowledge in the field of anchoring and under constructions of PV systems. The aim of this collaboration is to work together in the Netherlands and abroad to provide the best fixation solutions.

Correctly anchoring of PV systems on flat and pitched roofs requires a high level of expertise. Not only the use of the best products, but also the underlying strength calculations according to the applicable standards and wind loads are important.


"We are therefore pleased to announce that Eyecatcher's “SolarFix” products are being added to our delivery program." says Paul van der Meer, Product Manager Van der Valk Solar Systems. “With these consoles, the ValkPro+ and ValkPitched mounting systems can be mechanically anchored on flat and pitched roofs in a quick, simple and reliable manner for each optimally calculated situation.”

Van der Valk Solar Systems has many years of experience with the mechanical anchoring of PV systems in challenging locations, such as high roofs with very high wind loads and roofs where only limited roof loads are permitted. The Eyecatcher products offer new possibilities for faster assembly and cost-technical advantages. Eyecatcher's products and expertise are a valuable addition, enabling Van der Valk Solar Systems to provide its customers with complete and appropriate project advice.