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Version 2.16.47 – September 2021

We are pleased to announce that in the past month and in this new Version 2.16.47, September 22, 2021, the following features/issues have been added/addressed:

Calculated load on panel due to wind and snow

For ValkPro+ projects (flat roof) there will now be a number added to the ‘Location information’ on page 3 of the report. This number indicates the load the panel experiences due to wind and snow. It is calculated with different variables such as; building height, terrain category, wind area and much more.

Insert profiles support 30mm thickness

With the coming of thinner panels we have added support for 30mm panels when it comes to insert profiles. From now on you will be able to use panels that have 30mm thickness in insert set-ups.

Ballast plan in kilograms

From now on you will have the option to have the ballast weight either in tiles or in kilograms. The option will appear when you will try to generate a report or ballast drawing. The weight in kilograms will have intervals of 4,5 kg (same as tiles) to avoid lots of different numbers.

Products added/removed

The following products are added to the ValkPVplanner:
• 774391 Stainless steel bolt 7x130mm for corrugated roofs – FIS system
• 774392 Stainless steel bolt 7x150mm for corrugated roofs – FIS system

Products adjustments

  • 727800 Standing seam clamp horizontal mounting of Side++ profiles. Suitable for flat seams.
    • Quantity: 100 à 125
  • 727801 Alu standing seam clamp for vertical mounting of Side++ profiles
    • Quantity 100 à 125
  • 741804400 Galv roof carrier L=4400x1,5mm + coupling 87mm
    • Price: € 35,18 à € 38,63
    • Price: £ 31,67 à £ 34,77
  • 773310 Ss thread-forming bolt M6x10mm - T30
    • Changed display name from dutch to English to match with all the other products


  • Fixed a bug where when country selected was “International” it could not properly read the height making it unable to generate a ‘Bill of Materials’.
  • Fixed a bug where Kosovo could not be found through the Google api.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘reliability factor’ did not define properly making it unable to create projects where this factor was being used.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Mediterranean” fastener resets to 747989 when any change occurs.
  • Fixed a bug where 721100 didn’t appear in the BoM when 747918 is selected as fastener.

Upcoming features & fixes

Quoting Tool
We have agreed to a roadmap with Ezzing about the actions needed to launch the Quoting Tool. As it sets now we will have a few more test phases over the coming months. When the Quoting Tool is at least as good as the ValkPVplanner I will start giving webinars on how to use the Quoting Tool. In the webinars I will be explaining/showing the rest of the company what I know so they are up to speed of the capabilities of the new tool.

After a couple more test phases we will soft launch the Quoting Tool. This entails that we will have a selected amount of users migrate from the ValkPVplanner to the Quoting Tool. With these users we will test the Quoting Tool some more. After all of this goes accordingly, we will fully launch the Quoting Tool, migrating all the user to the new tool.

I will keep you all updated on the developments surrounding the Quoting Tool.


  • Panels that are adjacent to dilation lines will be treated as though they are exposed (when the 2500 roof carrier is being used)
  • Roof material ‘Mediterranean’ for all pitched roof types. Currently it’s only available for roof type ‘Pent’ and ‘Pergola’
  • Roof type ‘Flat’ to be used as a ValkField system
  • Ballast plan will be available in kilograms
  • Pent standing seam crossrail is coming


  • Dimension A of the installation drawing (in the report) doesn’t show right value when roof material is ‘Corrugated’
  • The ValkPVplanner still calculates with the previous revision (for NL it’s ‘Rev 6’) of ballast calculation sheets. In the near future this will be updated to the PVplanner will take into account the reduction of ballast by the side plates.