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Version 2.16.50 – November 2021

We are pleased to announce that in the past month and in this new Version 2.16.50, November 22, 2021, the following features/issues have been added/addressed:

Mediterranean new fastener 747896 (hanger bolt)

In order of Emiel van Russel the options for fasteners has been reduced to only include the frequently used fasteners. There used to be five different hangar bolts to choose from, but is now reduced to three.

The updated selection of hangar bolts will include a new fastener: 747896 M10x300 + L-adapt + hb

Products added/removed

The following products are added to the ValkPVplanner:
• 747896 M10x300 + L-adapt + hb 

The following products are removed from the ValkPVplanner:
• 747915 M10x200
• 747917 M10x250
• 747918 M10x300


  • Fixed a bug where in the report it showed “Iii” as terrain category instead of “III”. This was the case in multiple instances.
  • Changed product image for 756003 from 756002.jpg to 756003.jpg.

Upcoming features & fixes

Quoting Tool
We have agreed to a roadmap with Ezzing about the actions needed to launch the Quoting Tool. As it sets now we will have a couple more test phases over the coming months. When the Quoting Tool is at least as good as the ValkPVplanner I will start giving webinars on how to use the Quoting Tool. In the webinars I will be explaining/showing the rest of the company what I know so they are up to speed of the capabilities of the new tool.

Soon we will soft launch the Quoting Tool. This entails that we will have a selected amount of users migrate from the ValkPVplanner to the Quoting Tool. With these users we will test the Quoting Tool some more. After all of this goes accordingly, we will fully launch the Quoting Tool, migrating all the user to the new tool. I will keep you all updated on the developments surrounding the Quoting Tool.


  • Roof type ‘Flat’ to be used as a ValkField system
  • Pent standing seam crossrail is coming
  • Rationalize trapezoidal profile matrix
  • System measurements


  • Dimension A of the installation drawing (in the report) doesn’t show the right value when the roof material is ‘Corrugated’
  • Dimension B of the installation drawing (in the report) doesn’t show the right value when the roof material is ‘Trapezoidal’ and there are 3 or 4 profiles needed per panel
  • ValkPro+ ballast drawing (in kg) doesn’t show circles on the panels where mass carriers should be placed